Cory O'Hagan

Teknical & Owner of Sub Wavelength

Coming from Birmingham, England, Teknical is a Drum & Bass producer & DJ who has had releases on Vandal Records, FX909 Music, Influenza Media & Heart Twice Records while having collaborated with the likes of 'Impression' 'CITRA' & 'Tony Shape'. Teknical Also DJs every friday at 7pm (UK Time) on DnbRadio alongside his father 'Tony Shape' on his show 'The SHAPE of Things to Come'. Teknical has also recorded podcasts for the underground clothing company 'More Superior Wear' & 'True Vision' as well as various Charity sets and house party's, and even managed to drop a 30 minute drum and bass set at a wedding.

Cory was born into Drum and Bass and found himself travelling with his younger brother up and down the country sat in various studios listening to Shapes sets every week. His father then bought him his first controller for his 13th birthday and within a few months he was playing his debut set B2B with Shape on 'DnbRadio'. 6 months later he had upgraded to playing live on the famous Technic 1210s. Having listened to dnb and DJ'd live for years, the musical itch grew stronger and Cory soon found himself looking into making his own sounds. At the time, his other passion of training Muay Thai for over 10 years took up most of the families time, with Teknical himself reaching a top level, and helping pad and spar his younger brother to reach the same levels with both brothers fighting and beating English, European, and World Champions. During lockdown in 2020, the little break gave Cory some time to focus on producing music and after having his dubs played out by big DJ's, Cory made his debut release as 'Teknical' on the mighty Vandal Records with his track 'Switch' which is featured on the various artists 'Raw Cuts Vol.4' EP.

With a lifetime of musical influences and a deep pedigree in dnb, Teknical has plenty of tunes in the works and has launched his new label 'Sub Wavelength Recordings' with his '44' EP in 2023 which also offers mastering services under 'SWL Mastering'

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